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More on Deafness

Last time, I was talking about the  hearing children of deaf parents.  They could give us some interesting information on the effect of a verbally impoverished environment in early life , which is the currently fashionable explanation for low IQs … Continue reading

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Simple Mobility Models II

This is a sequel to the previous post exploring quantitative genetic models of income inequality motivated by the findings in Gregory Clark’s new book [1]. A simple quantitative genetic model must rely on the assumption of an underlying normal distribution … Continue reading

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Simple Mobility Models

Greg’s previous post reviewing Gregory Clark’s new book has generated some interesting discussion. Reviewers elsewhere and some of our customers have been surprised at the persistence of social class by surname and speculated that this implies genetic transmission of class. … Continue reading

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It made their brown eyes blue..

A recent report in PNAS shows the inhabitants of the Ukraine and its environs had much darker hair, skin, and eyes back in the Bronze Age and earlier. Assuming population continuity, the selective advantage of the alleles they examined must have … Continue reading

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The Great IQ Depression

We hear that poverty can sap brainpower,  reduce frontal lobe function,  induce the  fantods, etc.  But exactly what do we mean by ‘poverty’?  If we’re talking about an absolute, rather than relative, standard of living,  most of the world today … Continue reading

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 If two populations have moderately different means for some quantitative trait,  for example differing by one standard deviation, the fraction that exceeds a high threshold is very much larger in the population with the higher mean. I have mentioned this … Continue reading

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Death by Chocolate

I’ve been seeing some silly talk about the perils of GMO food here on this blog, but of course there’s much more of that out in the world. They’re full of it, of course, but that hardly means that there’s … Continue reading

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“I regret studying social anthropology”

The best part of running a blog is the quality of many of the people who show up.  A recent customer, “A.J. West”, has a blog of his own here that our readers will surely enjoy. Periodically on this blog Greg … Continue reading

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If the Universe is a simulation

Cheat codes, among many other things.

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Inferring an AQ

Back in December Greg and I posted a draft of a paper on assortative mating, class, and caste. We asked for input and we got a lot, for which we are grateful. In that manuscript we described a thought experiment … Continue reading

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