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Let George Do It

I was thinking about how people would have adapted to local differences in essential micronutrients, stuff like iodine, selenium, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, etc. Australia, for example,  hasn’t had much geological activity in ages and generally has mineral-poor soils. At first … Continue reading

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More on Deafness

Last time, I was talking about the  hearing children of deaf parents.  They could give us some interesting information on the effect of a verbally impoverished environment in early life , which is the currently fashionable explanation for low IQs … Continue reading

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Neanderthal Man: In Search of Lost Genomes

Svante Pääbo has a book out, Neanderthal Man, in which he recounts his adventures sequencing ancient DNA.  He has had three big successes: the first successful sequencing of Neanderthal mtDNA in 1997, the first sequencing of the Neanderthal nuclear genome, … Continue reading

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Heteropaternal Superfecundation

Sperm competition is a factor in some cases of paternal uncertainty, but there are also many cases in which it is not. For example, Daniel Boone’s wife had a daughter, Jemima, when he had been gone for more than a … Continue reading

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The Son Also Rises

Greg Clark has a new book out, The Son Also Rises. His thesis, in short, is that moxie has high heritability. Most studies show fairly high social mobility from one generation to the next – but Clark finds (using surname … Continue reading

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Burning Seed Corn

According to Sylvia Ann Hewlett, writing in the Harvard Business Review, 33% of successful career women (business executives, doctors, lawyers, academics,  etc) in the 41-55 age bracket are childless. In corporate America, 42%.  I figure that the TFR of this … Continue reading

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Assortive mating and income inequality

More than in the past, we have doctors marrying other doctors,  rather than nurses, basically because of an increase in assortative mating for education. Ceteris paribus, this would tend to cause greater income equality among families. Is it the main … Continue reading

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Sperm competition

Mostly, people are talking about competition between sperm produced by different  males. In humans, this means women that are into speed dating. The non-paternity rate is an upper limit to the rate of sperm competition:  in many, probably most cases … Continue reading

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Stolen generations

Someone was quoted as saying that if you adopted an Australian Aborigine kid and raised him in England, he’d do just fine.  This is a standard prediction, or maybe really an assumption, of most social scientists: people are the same … Continue reading

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Genetic Architectures

Dairy cattle eventually graduate to McDonalds, so there is some interest in the genetics of beef production in dairy breeds.  There is course more interest in the genetics of beef production in beef breeds of cattle. Usually you don’t find … Continue reading

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